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Zombie War

23 Sep The Great Exodus Part Three

So in many cases, for each human that dies, a new member of the undead horde rises to join ranks. One becomes two, two become four, four become eight, etc. Those in the vicinity of the “zombie trains” suddenly dropped everything and ran for their...

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City Infested By Zombies

22 Sep The Great Exodus Part Two

Though the roads were not useful for vehicles, they became the chief route of egress. At many points, the cannibal zombie threat, rushing from behind, forced the citizens to stampede or jump off the sides to their deaths. The interstate highways would soon become incredibly...

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Zombie Biohazard

21 Sep The Great Exodus Part One

When the news of the infection spread, the majority failed to take the threat seriously. This was largely because of previous “infectious pandemic threats” reported by world government organizations such as The United States’ Center for Disease Control (CDC.) Consequently, most of the population was gravely...

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