Stages Of Zombie Infection For Justin Bieber

Stages Of Zombie Infection For Justin Bieber

stages of zombie infection

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Stages Of Zombie Infection For Justin Bieber

The entertainment world was stunned on Thursday as singer Justin Bieber’s representative announced that the pop star has entered the later stages of zombie infection. The pop star has been out of the public eye since a highly publicized attack by a rabid fan outside of the 2016 Brit Awards. At the time of the attack, it was not apparent that the fan was the victim of a zombie like virus. The full details of the attack were not made clear until today’s press conference.

“At his latest appearance at the 2016 Brit Awards, Justin was bitten by a very enthusiastic fan that was infected with the zombie virus,” announced Bieber representative Brendan Bay, “We wanted to let everyone know as early as possible that we are doing everything to help make his transition comfortable.”

“Justin is in the final stages of zombie infection and handling it like a champ,” continued Bay, “We don’t anticipate an negative effects on his bangin’ rhymes. In fact, the entertainment industry should prepare itself for when Bieber Zombie comes out spittin’ some tightness.”

We anticipate that with the typical weight-loss that the Infected experience, that Bieber’s pants will be sagging extra low, in the future. Zombie Hustle considers this another bonus to Mr. Bieber joining the Horde.

Pimpin’ So Slo, a member of Bieber’s posse explained, “The shawty that bit Justin is in police custody. JB don’t wanna prosecute though. Oh yeah, he gonna be ghosting for a few weeks til he’s ready to start shufflin’.”

Justin Drew Bieber, a Candian-born singer and songwriter was discovered in 2007 via his Youtube videos. His debut album went platinum in a short period. In early 2015, he it was announced that he was signed as the new “body and face” of Calvin Klein. Justin also has launched several successful fragrances. His latest named The Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition.


Stages Of Zombie Infection For Justin Bieber

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