Idaho Zombies Fear Gov Otter Signing Bill

Idaho Zombies Fear Gov Otter Signing Bill

Idaho Zombies

BOISE, IDAHO – Idaho Zombies Fear Gov Otter Signing Bill

Last week, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance successfully pushed a bill through the Idaho House and Senate. The bill concerns Constitutional Carry which is now heading to the desk of Idaho Governor Otter. Once Governor Otter signs the bill, it becomes law within a few months.

Idaho zombies fear that the passing of the law will increase safety for all human Idahoans. With the already high number of legal gun owners in Idaho, the zombies in the state soon may be on the run. All zombies fear the fatal “zombie head shot” that puts them down 100% of the time.

Travis Trull leader of the local, Zombie Lives Matter, Idaho chapter said,

If any legal owner in Idaho can conceal carry, how can we figure out the easy victims?

Idahoans Are Delicious

Trull points out that this bill will have a negative effect on the growing zombie population as well. “Food source not withstanding, this will make it harder for us to infect new humans,” he explained.

“The human food source will become threatened for Idaho zombies,” growled Ashley Walker, a Boise zombie resident, “The governor is going to lose the support of the whole zombie voter-base! Idahoans are corn and potato-fed, they are delicious!”

Constitutional Carry

The term “constitutional carry” comes from the state of law that existed when the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment, was ratified on December 15th, 1791. Back in 1791, no restrictions on the bearing of arms existed, concealed or openly carried. As long as an individual could legally possess them, the law applied. Eight other states have similar laws including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Vermont. The state of Vermont is the has had Constitutional Carry since before the Bill of Rights was even ratified.

It should be noted that the bill was overwhelmingly passed even with out-of-state, left wing meddler, Michael Bloomberg (famous for limiting sugary soda sizes in New York City) attempting to derail support.


Idaho Zombies Fear Gov Otter Signing Bill

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