Zombie War, the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Snacks

Zombie Snacks

When you have the infected munchies!

Is it 2pm? Running low on energy? Is your co-workers brain smelling “oh so delicious”?

Perhaps it’s late at night and you want a snack but those humans aren’t anywhere to be found?

Here are a few Zombie Snack ideas for you until you can get a hold of some juicy arms or legs!

brain cakesBloody Brain Cakes

A standard chocolate cake mix in a cupcake cup with cream cheese frosting topped with a candy brain mold and some raspberry sauce

gummi brainsGiant Gummy Brain

Gummi brain molded gelatin with cherry flavoring!

 grave cupcakeCup Cake From The Grave

Chocolate cupcake with mint frosting topped with crumbled Oreo cookies

 crispy flesh smoresCrispy Flesh S’mores

Standard S’mores recipe: graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate bar, roasted marshmallow, and some delicious crispy bacon!

zombie wedding cake

Zombie Wedding Cake

Two tiered vanilla cake with raspberry sauce and a whole lot o’ zombie killin’ going on!

nutty brainsZombies are really “nuts” for brains. I hope you found this eBook entertaining, thanks for reading!

-Johnnie Zombie

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