Zombie War, the Zombie Apocalypse

Are Zombies Real

How are zombies real?

Zombies are real in many ways. Are you aware that scientists have discovered that the recent downturn in the honey bee population across the United States of America is because of a plague of insects that are infecting honey bees and laying eggs inside of them? Eventually, before the honey bee perishes, it begins to act in a mindless manner then continues to do so after the honey bee has died. Yes, I am claiming that honey bees are undergoing a zombie apocalypse!

So think again if you ask: are zombies real because there is already scientific proof showing how are zombies real. This is an obscure reference and not very much of a direct threat to humans. So again, we ask in what way are zombies real.

are zombies realThe media and popular entertainment have done well especially in the last few years to make zombies come to life on screen and in printed medium. Several published books have become run away smash hits. I speak of course of Max Brooks’ World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide. There is even an upcoming blockbuster being filmed of the former.

Sometimes I wonder, are zombies real just in my head, or is there a real threat? Many legends and tales are based in fact so I expect such a notion may have some murky truth to it. Perhaps some rare genetic mutation was introduced in history. This could explain some of the unexplainable stories such as Jesus rising from the dead or that fellow Lazarus, whom he raised from the dead.
Voodoo religious practices are said to have the power to create zombies when loved ones fall and their families cannot bear to be without them.

Are zombies real future possibilities?

My answer is yes! I don’t think its stretching too far that an infectious epidemic may one day cause zombie-like symptoms in humans. As I mentioned earlier, genetic mutations are unpredictable and so are viruses. Humans are constantly developing vaccines and therapies to fight disease and infection. This, in my opinion is the true answer to any question as to are zombies real.

Often when I read the daily news or perform online research, I come across coverage of new, stronger super viruses that are resistant to current medical treatment. It seems logical that something of a zombie nature will be coming along soon. Therefore, if zombies aren’t real now, it may be only a matter of time.

Just as any zombie enthusiast would agree, the zombie apocalypse in some form is inevitable. So be prepared both mentally and physically or join the horde!

On a lighter note, I often stand in Starbucks Coffee and look around nervously because those individuals in line tend to be doing the “zombie hustle.” When I think about it, my parents were zombies in the mornings until the coffee started flowing. It would seem that zombies raised me!

So I will now close and leave you with one final thought:

Are zombies real humans until they drink their first daily cup of coffee?

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